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  • How can you carry so many scents?
    We can carry so many scents due to everything being made to order. Space is very limited in our tiny workshop, but there is only one person running everything. So keep in mind that it takes a little bit of time to make orders.
  • Do you retire your scents?
    We do not retired our scents, we carry them year round as well. no need to over buy and have that fear of things going away and never coming back. As long as our suppliers carry the scent, we will always have it in stock. if they happen to discontinue a scent, then we will try to purchase as much as we can to have it in stock and it will also have a tag of its being discontinued.
  • Shelf Life
    The shelf life of our lotions and scrubs is 1 year. since our products are way different then mass-produced body care which have more chemicals and preservatives and seem to last forever. Fragrance mist shelf life should last for a few years maybe even longer, since this hasn't been tested yet. We don't put any preservatives in our mists or any water for it to go bad. We have a mist we made 4 years ago that still smells amazing, nothing has changed.
  • Can i cancel my order?
    Yes and no.. Yes you can if you order was not made yet. but if you order was made and say we are waiting on supplies like bottles or fragrances to finish your order, then no we cannot cancel your order. we can ship what what we already have and refund you the products we were waiting on to complete your order.
  • Can I request a scent?
    Yes! We are always buying new scents and adding them to our store for many people to enjoy again. Just fill out the contact form and let us know which scent you would love to see.
  • Where are you based?
    Dirty Soul Soap Co. is based in Avondale, Arizona
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