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Our natural lip balm is made with a nourishing blend of coconut oil, stearic acid, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, avocado oil, and jojoba oil. These ingredients work together to moisturize and protect your lips, leaving them feeling soft and smooth.


The coconut oil and cocoa butter provide deep hydration, while the stearic acid and candelilla wax help to create a protective barrier on the lips. The avocado oil and jojoba oil are rich in vitamins and nutrients, helping to nourish and revitalize your lips.


This lip balm is perfect for daily use and is suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Stearic Acid, Cocoa Butter, Candelilla Wax, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil & Flavor Oil.

Lavender Lemonade - a fresh mix of lemonade, lavender, rose, jasmine, balsam, and vanilla notes.

Vanilla Mint - a sweet mix of peppermint candy, anise, and vanilla notes.

Coconut - a creamy tropical coconut.

Pineapple - a sweet and juicy pineapple.


Pina Colada - a blend of juicy pineapple and coconut.

Vegan Lip Balm

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